“music has always been a part of my life,” recalls Maurice. Picking out melodies on the piano at age 4, it was clear that he was gifted. Maurice began his professional music career at age 11 playing for local churches and choirs. Fast forward seven years and Maurice was accepting a full musical scholarship to attend Morgan State University. For the next two years, Maurice studied intensely under the direction of Nathan Carter. Thereafter Maurice changed majors to communications and English. It was then that he found his calling and began pursuing a career as an entrepreneur. 

After making the decision to be an entrepreneur, Maurice partnered with two close friends on separate occasions. The first was an art gallery that served as a space to rising visual artists and doubled as a self-defense class for women and children while providing a platform for a few poets. The second business was a multi-media company specializing in recording, mixing, production, photography and videography. During this period, Stinkiface Music was born. 

Mr. Carroll founded Stinkiface Music as a record label designed to teach the music business to the artists as they created their careers. The artists from Stinkiface were positioned and groomed to be dominant figures in the local area. This is due not just to the sheer talent of the artists but the direction that they received. Maurice then changed the infrastructure of the company, allowing any artist to benefit from its services. 

 With overwhelming local success, Maurice and Stinkiface Music dominated the spoken word scene for a number of years and established a reputation in other genres. Overall, the common denominator seems to be that artists haven’t been taught the details of music business. This leaves myths, assumptions and a lot of unanswered questions on the table. As a 5+ year voting member of Recording Academy (Grammy's),it is Maurice’s goal to guide as many artists through the business, thus making the independent music scene more profitable for everyone involved.

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