High Five

Let’s imagine a toddler, who is old enough to express her/himself, tells you they want to run a marathon in two weeks because they watched a clip of one. As an adult what would your more experienced mind suggest that you communicate to the toddler? Would you say, “YES! Go for it!” without any further communication? Would you suggest that you talk about preparation on some level? Maybe subjects like training and diet popped into your head. You may think that this idea is exaggerated. We can be certain that the chances of that toddler achieving those goals are not high. What do you do? A simple universal way to celebrate is to give them a high five. For you, Mr. or Ms. independent artist, here is your first high five from me!pexels-photo-357863.jpeg

  1. Determine what type of artist you want to be.
    Often, indie artists are multi talented and have a wide range of skills, like playing multiple instruments or writing across musical genres. Though being diverse displays how talented you are, it also shows how unfocussed you are. McDonald’s could sell whatever type of food that they wanted, howver the focus was originally the burger and fries and not burgers, fries, chicken, breakfast and tacos. There was a focus and they later introduced other choices after they established themselves as a burger and fry restaurant. Make a decision on the type of artist you want to be. Be focused.
  1. Study your craft.
    Don’t be alarmed by the trends that pop up from time to time. Focus on the root of your craft. If you are a singer songwriter, then learn as much as you can about songwriting techniques. Get a vocal coach. Studying should be an ongoing process and you should always be learning bout your craft. There are resources that are free, such as the Internet, libraries and asking questions to someone in person. You could also seek formal education about your craft. Don’t be afraid of failure while in his process. Nobody will know all there is to know bout anything in art so keep learning about your craft.
  1. Build a team.
    Building a team around you is essential for success. You can’t do it alone if you are doing it right. Learning who you need on your team and their functions is important. Seek to establish a machine/team that processes information, can navigate an opportunity and that can communicate intention. For example, if you have a social network specialist on your team they should not only be good at staying current with social networking trends but also be able to communicate that to you and the team in terms that you can understand. Dividing responsibilities aids in seeing the details within each function of the team.
  1. Network Network Network!
    It is imperative that indie artists network. How, when and where do you network? All of the time and everywhere! I’m not suggesting that you become mechanical with everyone you meet and that they must know the dramatic details of what you do. I am suggesting that, as an artist, you should always have your opportunity antenna up for anything that you might fit into. Go to networking events or at least have a team member present. Make sure that you and your team are prepared for multiple scenarios. Have material available to share conveniently.
  1. Be aware of time.
    As an artist, whether you are just starting or have a few projects completed, you need to be aware of and manage your time efficiently and effectively. Being aware of time can mean a few different things. First, it could mean that reaching your goal isn’t going to happen overnight (3/6/10months). You need to understand that development takes time; having people aware of you and building a fan base takes time.pexels-photo-273230.jpeg

Above all, make sure that you know the difference between music art and music business. The difference between music art and music business is when financial gain has become a prominent focal point. As you move forward in music business don’t lose the artists within. It is that artist that makes all of this thrive.

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